Helping sustain critical wildlife habitat on the prairies!


The Habitat-Friendly Winter Wheat Ecolabel Program is an initiative that promotes Western Canadian Winter Wheat and its ability to sustain critical wildlife habitat.  Research conducted by Ducks Unlimited Canada has proven that growing Western Canadian Winter Wheat is one of the simplest ways farmers can support the nesting habitats of Canadian wildlife on the prairies.

Rockport Flour Mills cares deeply about the environment and the impact our operations have on it, and we are pleased to share that we have been audited and met the requirements for Habitat-Friendly Winter Wheat certification.  All three Coyote Pancake and Waffle Mixes are made with flour containing at least 30% Habitat-Friendly Winter Wheat.

When you see the Habitat-Friendly Winter Wheat ecolabel on our products, you can feel confident that the choices you make are having a positive impact on the environment by supporting wildlife habitats.

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Habitat-Friendly Winter Wheat

Habitat Friendly Winter Wheat