Rockport Flour Mills

About Us

Rockport Flour Mills in Magrath, Alberta began producing Coyote Pancake Mix in 1923 and in the one hundred years since then we have grown our product offering to include buttermilk and flaxseed pancake mixes in addition to our original flavour.  In more recent years waffles have also become a breakfast (and dinner!) tradition and we provide cooking instructions to make this family favourite on all our packaging.

In today’s global market Canada is renowned for the production of quality hard spring wheat for bread making, with the majority of production occurring in the western provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.  We are proud that the wheat we use is grown and produced on our own lands in Alberta.  At times, demand for our products may exceed the volume of wheat we can supply ourselves and to maintain our supply of raw product we have established relationships with regional farmers.  These relationships, established over many years, ensure the quality of the whole grain wheat we are purchasing meets or exceeds our stringent quality control measures.

Over the years, the mill has evolved to meet the ever-increasing demand for our products, increasing production facilities and continuously streamlining its operations to optimize efficiency. However, even with this growth you can rest assured we are committed to honouring the taste and quality that makes Coyote Pancake and Waffle mixes uniquely ours.

Containing at least 50% whole wheat grains (by weight) per serving, Rockport Flour Mills’ pancake and waffle mixes are certified with The Whole Grains Council and display the Council’s 50%+ stamp. This stamp assures you that our tasty pancakes and waffles can be part of your efforts to follow Canada’s Food Guide recommendation to make at least half of your grain products whole grain each day.

For more information on The Whole Grains Council  and the many health benefits of making whole grains a key part of your daily diet visit:

The Whole Grains Council